New Year is coming! Are you ready?

Research in the past has shown only 8% of New Year's resolutions are met [ref] . Given that astonishing fact we decided to write you this short article on meeting your goals. Lean back and read these quick tips to set your healthy resolutions for the year 2020!


1. Sit :-) And write your goals down

Create an opportunity to do some soul-searching. What do you want with this precious life of yours? Try to align that feeling with one or two simple steps towards that life and put them on paper. Make sure they are meassurable, so you know when you reached them.

2. Share your goals with people close to you

When other people know about your goals, they can help you to stay on track and hold you accountable. Be serious with yourself and think about sharing your resolve on social media. The positive reactions will give you a boost and help you to commit!

3. It's okay to slip sometimes

Don't beat yourself up over not meeting every step straight away. Remember the saying to allow one step back, taking two steps forward? That will be you! Progressing towards your goals. Even when you meet a little setback along the road.

4. Leverage your goals with the help you can get

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Best wishes,

The Samsara Herbs team