Sida Acuta
Sida Acuta
Sida Acuta
Sida Acuta
Sida Acuta
Sida Acuta

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Sida Acuta

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  • 20:1 Concentrated Extract EASY to use (Scoop, Mix, Drink)
  • Highest Grade Source Potent, Pure & Effective!
  • Non-GMO, (Grown and processed without pesticides or chemicals) Pesticide & Chemical FREE!
  • Tested for Mold, Yeast, Bacteria, Chemicals & Pesticides

ancient medicine

History of use

Made to be

Soluble in fluids

During our manufacturing process we make sure the powder is filtered to a 80 mesh size that's optimal for fluid absorption.

So the supplement can easily be mixed with a smoothie, juice or water!


This plant's leaves have properties and components that can be extracted to make a preparation that can alleviate different sorts of pain problems. Patients can apply it topically over the affected zones. It also works as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the accumulated water from the swallowed and sore muscles and allowing them to relax.

Diuretic and antioxidant

Another of the excellent benefits of Sida Acuta is that it helps to clean the blood and reduce the effects of aging.

It enables the organs like the liver and the kidneys to process the toxins, and it allows the body to expel those contaminants through liquids, like sweating and urinating.


Some studies show that Sida Acuta helped reduce the levels of glucose on the blood and also increased the tolerance of glucose, which means that they can help patients that present this problem.

alkaloids and

Anti-microbal properties

Open wounds

The antibacterial benefits of Sida Acuta help protecting the area around open wounds from possible infections and viruses that could enter the body through the wounds. It also helps the cells to accelerate the process of natural healing.


The plant can help to keep insects from the person that uses it. It prevents mosquito bites and other insects, like the ticks infected with Lyme.


Another of its benefits is the potential positive effect to treat venereal issues because of the antibacterial elements on it. At the same time, the Sica Acuta plant can be used to stimulate sexual desire on the person that uses it.

Enjoy pure
natural power

In a high quality extract powder

Use of the plant

Extract preparation

alternative medicine

Further applications

alternative medicine

Lyme's disease

The positive effects on patients with Lyme are notorious; with Sica Acuta, the medical practitioners can help to design a strategy against symptoms like fever and muscle pain.

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