About Us

Our vision

At Samsara Herbs, we believe that all positive change in the world must first begin with positive change from within. We invite you to tap into your own infinite power through the use of our potent herbal extracts.


A message from our founders

We began this company with the exclusive desire to help people attain herbal products that would improve their health and thereby their happiness.  

We have both experienced chronic health challenges, resulting in a combined 20+ years of experience both personally and professionally in the natural health world.  In our individual and collective pursuit of optimal health, we have acquired an extensive volume of knowledge in the use and application of herbal extracts. We care intimately about Samsara’s products because we use them ourselves. In fact, one important reason why we created the company was so that we would have total control over the herbal supplements we use for ourselves and our families. Another motivation was to use our knowledge base to help others by offering herbal blends and extracts for those looking to restore health as well as those looking to support continued vitality.  

As a result of our experiences and passion for health, we have approached the development of the Samsara Herbs product line, as well as the pricing, with a dominant interest in making people better in an affordable way.  We sincerely hope that each consumer can experience positive change through the use of our products.


Our products

Each product we sell undergoes extensive R & D to assure that it will fit in with the philosophy of our company and be worthy to bear the name of Samsara Herbs.  Vast amounts of research go into the types of herbs that are most beneficial for a variety of health improvement strategies. Since Ancient Eastern Medicine has centuries of experience and success with many herbs, we strategically study and expand upon this largely untapped resource.  This combination of factors gives us a unique product line that we believe to comprehensively address many aspects of a healthy body and mind.